Fast and affordable business and personal reputation repair.

The Four "R" Process


We use technical and legal resources to remove information about you or your business.


Removing items isn't the only option. We can also repair almost anything online.


While removing and repairing usually get's rid of 99% of your negative information online, we replace it with good information to push it out the "bad" stuff.


Enjoy your renewed reputation and prevent negative information from hurting your image again.

What We Do

We use cutting edge technologies and other methods to move any negative online information that is used against our clients to places it can’t easily be seen.

Why Choose Us

We offer more when it comes to your online reputation. We work meticulously with each client, to make sure they are getting the best service possible.

What We Are

We are company that truly cares about satisfying the needs of our customers. We have one single goal in mind, and that is to help individuals and businesses to clean up and restore their online reputations.

Guaranteed Results

Get the results you want or your money back.

What Can We Remove and Repair?

Search results

Are search results ruining your personal or business image? Bury them quickly!

Negative ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews can bring any business down. Let us get your back on track.

Personal information

We can remove anything from public records to mugshots. Give us a try.


Lawsuits can have a very high impact on what a person thinks about you. Trash them!


Arrested? Does your mugshot show up everywhere even if you were innocent? Let us work to remove it for good!

Other requests? Try us!

We don't just do what's listed here. If you want anything changed on the internet, we're here to help.

  • "After RepairYourRep.com pushed out the negative postings, I noticed business started to pick back up again. I was amazed at how fast they restored our good name. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a similar problem.”

    Ron S., Owner of Madison Supply Co

  • “I was falsely arrested in college when one of my roomates got in a fight with the neighbor. Although all charges were dropped, my mugshot remained online. Employers found the picture and assumed I was a criminal. RepairYourRep.com removed it completely within a few days so I could start applying for jobs before college is over. Highly recommended.”

    Nick H., University of Wisconsin Student

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    Since all repair cases are different fill out our free quote form to get a cost. We guarantee we're the most affordable or your money back.

  • How fast can you complete my request?

    We can clean up your rep in as little as 24 hours! We'll give you a general time frame when we find out more about what needs to be cleaned up.

  • How does it work?

    We use the latest technology and work with the search engines to eliminate, repair or replace the negative information about you or your company. We have the top team in the industry!

  • How do I prevent this from happening in the future?

    By promoting good information about you or your company, negative information shouldn't show up in the future!