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Why Paradigm?

Who We Are

We are company that truly cares about satisfying the needs of our customers. We have one single goal in mind; to help individuals and businesses to clean up, restore & protect their online reputations.

What We Do

We use the latest SEO strategies and tools to quickly move any negative information that our clients refute to places it can’t easily be seen – or remove it altogether if possible.

Why Choose Us

We offer more than any other reputation management firm. Every campaign is custom and we work meticulously with each client to make sure they are getting the results they were hoping for.

Ask An Expert

Feel free to ask us questions about your specific needs and we’ll let you know what your best plan of action may be; wether you choose to go with us or not. We’ll be upfront and honest about the results you can expect and what it will cost with zero pressure.

The Four R's


We use technical and legal resources to remove information about you or your business.


If something is unable to be deleted permanently, we'll attempt to amend it.


When removing and repairing isn't an option, we replace the negative with positive information to make negative information hard to find and less prevalent.


Exhale. Enjoy your bulletproof reputation.


Since all repair cases are different fill out our free quote form to get a cost. We guarantee we’re the most affordable or your money back.

We can clean up your rep in as little as 24 hours! We’ll give you a general time frame when we find out more about what needs to be cleaned up.

We use the latest technology and work with the search engines to eliminate, repair or replace the negative information about you or your company. We have the top team in the industry!

By promoting good information about you or your company, negative information shouldn’t show up in the future!

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